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Technical-Tactical Training

In order to have an efficient technical-tactical training in tennis, practice under the best collaboration conditions between coach and sportsperson is necessary, as well as practicing under unilateral and bilateral combativeness conditions, academy game and assessment game.

The technical part in the training of a professional player resides in learning, consolidating, perfecting, and practicing the shots so that maximum efficiency is obtained.

The sequence in learning and perfecting the technical-tactical procedures in tennis can be presented as follows:

  • the stage of acquiring theoretical knowledge and gaining practical skills regarding the content, the characteristics, and the rules of the tennis game;
  • the stage of practicing elements of adjustment with the racquet, the ball and the court through specific means;
  • the stage of acquiring the mechanism of racquet grip, focusing the ball on the centre of the racquet string, controlling the tip of the racquet, and placing the body correctly in relation to the ball for each type of shot in turnings;
  • the stage of acquiring the hitting of the ball technique and the finalising of the shot through repetition, compensation principle, and using the correct sequence of the acting body forces;
  • the stage of acquiring the preparation technique before hitting the ball and sequencing the composing moments (preparation, hitting and finalising) by means of efficiently positioning the body for the hit and using the correct forms of court movement;
  • the stage of consolidating the techniques and integrating them in the tactical phases of the game by using and combining in various percentages the 5 necessary factors for hitting the ball;
  • the stage of perfecting the technical procedures in the context of efficiency factors specific for each game phase in turnings, as well as of all the phases included in the tactics of the single game;
  • the final stage of the game and assessment in which the fundamental principle of tennis technique will be applied as a priority, i.e. the player will constantly hit the ball in front of the body and always on the ascending trajectory of the ball.

The acquisition and perfecting of the technical-tactical elements in field tennis is in close relation to physical preparation which constitutes the developing objective of the motility skills and a major concern for the specialist who has to encounter all the stages above-mentioned.