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All children undergo somatoscopic, anthropometric, physical, technical-tactical and psychological evaluation, each having their personal assessment record registered.
The evaluation process being extremely important in taking cognizance of the bio-psycho-motility of children in planning the training and the monitoring of their evolution.

Somatoscopy allows the global and analytical appreciation of the growth and development processes by means of observing and describing the whole body- ( stature, nutrition status, attitude, shape, repartition and degree of development of the subcutaneous and muscular cellular tissue), furthermore, observing and describing each segment in itself, and respectively, the putative deficiencies of physical development.

Anthropometry is the assessment method of different measurements of the body; being an objective method, it provides numeric data. The anthropometric data are useful as such or by calculating certain indexes which will further allow a more correct and objective appreciation of various physical development aspects.

  • The evaluation of body weight with the apparatus (BodyMatrix  BX2000)
  • Testing the motility skills according to the RTF
  • The basic motility skills are being tested (velocity, skillfulness , endurance, power, motility).
  • The evaluation of power, velocity, and muscular profile with the apparatus (MyotestPro).

Technical Tests

The technical elements within the tennis game are being tested ( right-hand hit, back-hand hit, serve, slice, volley, right-left). A target space is being singled out followed by establishing how many of 20 balls have reached the marked area of the court. In the end, a general score is being kept aimed to assess the precision, consistency, and the overall level of the technique.

Psychological Tests

The psychological side of tennis represents a determining factor in achieving victory. They are not few who claim it represents more than 50% of the success.  The prerequisite to start a psychological training programme is knowing well the individuals we work with. Hence, in the first stage, the psychologist establishes a series of tests which should supply us with all the necessary information.

The tests are applied by our psychologist according to the age groups in order to help us become acquainted with the following: psycho-behavioural parameters of emotional expressivity, the level of focus capacity, the level of focus distribution capacity, the motivational level, the degree of insecurity and fear of failure.

The applied tests:

  • the focus distribution test “Prague”
  • the focus test “Labyrinth”
  • the SERP test (analysis of psychological features, desire, affirmation, sensitivity, control over tense emotions, confidence, personal motivation, and discipline)
  • self-knowledge questionnaire

The obtained results helped us develop psychological support programmes for motivational purposes, for releasing tension/anxiety, but also for relaxation.