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About Tennis

Tennis is part of the great family of sports games, being both an individual sport, as well as a team one (doubles).

By means of the technical-tactical procedures entailed in the game, the purpose of the training and the game, tennis represents a means of Physical Training, as well as a branch in the sports family.

The continuous development of tennis is owed to constant techniques and tactics perfecting, physical and psychological training, and the preparation methodology to which the materials and the game surface always more diversified and more advanced are  added.

 In addition, there is also the emerge of great champions who display new and improved techniques.

The game of tennis is characterised by dynamics, swift thinking and acting in order to efficiently apply the technical-tactical arsenal in various situations of adversity.

The psychological factor cannot be eschewed due to the complexity of the situations on the court which are continuously changing. All these elements convert the game of tennis into a complex, spectacular and attractive one, both for those who play it professionally, recreationally, as a hobby, as well as for the “consumers of sport shows”.

The basic tenets of tennis game technique:

  1. The fundamental tenet of the tennis game resides in the capacity of the player to hit the ball on its ascending trajectory and in front of the body (which ensures the offensive trait of the game).
  2. The tenet of efficient preparation moves (the grip, the position of the player, court movement, placing and replacing oneself in the strategic areas 1 and 2 of the court).
  3. The principle of using and blending the correct forms of court movement.
  4. The principle of creating and using correctly the strengths of the body upon hitting the ball.
  5. The tenet of using and blending in various percentages the 5 efficiency factors of the ball (direction, length, velocity, effect, trajectory), rhythm alternation, and cohesion of the actions, thus, ensuring technique value, tactic content, and an overall complexity of the game.