CS Sport 4 Fun Timisoara

Tennis Classes

Our club meets the needs of all age groups (children, youngsters, as well as adults) since tennis is a game, after all, and a means of physical training.


Tennis should be picked up on starting with early childhood, 4-6 years old. At this stage, the methods and means of training (surface, nets, balls, racquet) are adapted to the age of the children, i.e. to mini tennis.

The initiation age groups consist of 2 to 4 children, while the length of the training sessions resides in one hour twice a week. The initiation classes are coordinated by coaches who nurture love for children and their work. In this stage, special attention is attached to the development of mobility under the guise of game, of forming the correct skills, commitment, and the pleasure for the game of tennis.


In the performance groups, children will special qualities will be selected (physical, technical, and mental qualities) for the purpose of performance and higher performance.

After a selection in the initiation stage, at the age of 8-10, the number of training sessions increases to 4-6 training classes of an hour and a half each on a weekly basis, according to the physical and mental capacity of the child. The training groups will consist of 2-3 children and, what is more, individual training sessions will be introduced in various stages of the preparation. Apart from the necessary increase in the volume, intensity and complexity of the technical-tactical training, this stage attaches great meaning to the general and specific physical training.

At the ages of 12  to 14, the children will be involved in national and international competitions according to a well established competing schedule.

Children with good results in national and international competitions will participate in programmes offered by foreign tennis academies.

The teaching methodology of the training sessions is in close relation to the current demands of tennis, having as a guide the methodology expounded by the RTF, and especially by the  PTR (Professional Tennis Registry).