CS Sport 4 Fun Timisoara

About Ski Camps

“In winter mountains call your name
Join us on the slopes for a run
Skiing is such a thrilling game
When you’re a member of Sport 4 Fun.”

–catren prof. Cornelia Editoiu

We have been organising ski camps since 2000 in order to promote this type of activity bearing in mind the benefits of movement at high altitude, in a clean and healthy environment, and the formative effects of sports camps for children on a bio-psycho-social level. The first ski camps we have ever organised at Straja Resort were between 2000 and 2005, however, since 2006 we have been planning them in Austria and Italy.

Skiing pertains to winter games and is dedicate to those who enjoy the mountainous landscapes, adventure, adrenalin, and the pleasure to glide at high speed. In order to practice safe skiing in adequate areas according to the level of training, it is necessary to be informed about the general rules of the mountains, the proper behaviour on the ski slopes and moving around the installations. Only thus can we spend our ski holiday in a pleasurable and safe way.

Sport4Fun ski camps aim at all age groups ranging from kindergarden children to adults.

Our camps comprise a programme and a methodology adjusted to the age and level of preparation in accordance with the teaching method issued by the National Association  of Ski Schools in Romania and the Association of Ski Instructors in Romania in order to reach a national concept;(Romanian Ski School). Experience has helped us choose the optimal methods and means for teaching, consolidating, and perfecting the ski techniques.

Learning how to ski should be a done through games. Apart from practicing this sport, children also acquire socialising and integration skills, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, and ambition. All the activities that involve the children during the camp are performed with care and our concern is to make them friendlier, more united, organised, and disciplined.

The ski camps are held during winter holidays, in Austria and Italy, lasting for 7 days. The ski courses are held for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and at the end of the coaching period, the students have the chance to compete each other in a ski race.



The sports club Sport4Fun puts at the students’ disposal a dynamic team of young coaches with 14 years experience in organising ski camps and qualifications recognised nationally and internationally.

The preparation meetings on the slope last for 4 hours per day with a one-hour-lunch break. The groups are set according to the age and level of training as follows: two groups of initiation, “the blue groups”(Narcis Varan, Cosmin Ciorman), 2 intermediary groups ”the red groups” ( Petru Merghes, Andrei Sebesan), and  2 advanced groups ”the black groups” (Alexandru Seitan ,Ionut Silinc). Regarding the methodology of ski teaching, we are the supporters of the direct method of teaching (without a snow plough). At the intermediary level, the main objective is the transition from the avoiding of parallel skis to the carve technique, while for the advanced students the focus is on consolidating and perfecting the carve technique.

The necessary ski equipment comprises the following: skis, boots, poles, gloves, ski jacket and trousers. The poles are not mandatory at the beginner level.

Our camps are deeply rooted in the principle of nurturing nature, promoting tolerance and mutual respect, team spirit and education through sport.