CS Sport 4 Fun Timisoara

About Summer Camps

“You’re a couch potato, we can bet,
So switch off your TV set!
Let’s go out for a mountain run!
Call us now at Sport 4 Fun!”

Each summer our club organises mountainous preparation stages which perfectly blend physical trainings at high altitude with adventure trekking in the mountains and other sport-recreational activities (motility games, sports games, applicative utility tracks, slalom-karts, sommerrodelbahn, mountainbiking, rafting, Nordic walking).

The activities in the preparation stage programme as designed by our club comprise hard work, discipline, safety, mutual respect, adventure, fun, and last but not least, love for nature.


  • improving the general physical training, motility development, and the effort capacity.
  • developing the basic motility skills (velocity, force, endurance, skillfulness, mobility) and the combined motility skills ( force in speed, speed in skills, endurance in force, endurance in speed).
  • multilateral development of the basic motility skills- specific and applicative -utilitarian- by using other branches of sports, sports games, and mobility games.
  • stimulating the inter-relationship skills, team communication and mutual respect.
  • developing willingness, ambition, tolerance, winner attitude, and fair-play spirit.
  • relaxation, agreement, visiting natural and anthropic touristic objectives, trekking, and Nordic walking.
  • love and respect for nature.

Mountain trekking

Each mountain walk is carefully prepared in advance from the point of view of weather forecasts, general behaviour rules in the mountains, the duration and difficulty of the track, the equipment and degree of preparation of the children, and, finally, the necessary backpack specific for each mountain trip.

Physical training session

Regarding the physical training session, at the beginning of the programme, children undergo tests, being evaluated in terms of body mass ( BodyMatrix BX 2000), force-détente (Miotest), and at the end, they are re-evaluated.

The summer camp schedule: 2 general and specific physical trainings. motility games,  other sports games (volleyball, basketball, football), daily trekking in the mountains, Nordic walks, at least 2 walks on ascension tracks up to 2500m (20-25 km, 8-12 hours).


  • to develop general endurance, different forms of duration running on flat and varied ground will be used, as well as sports games.
  • to develop endurance in speed conditions, the interval method and uphill running are used.
  • for mobility and muscular suppleness, stretching exercises are used.
  • to develop speed (reaction, execution, repetition),sprinting on flat ground, uphill running, games are used.
  • general and specific circuits are used to develop force and strength.
  • motility games, relay races, team races, applicative-utilitarian tracks.