CS Sport 4 Fun Timisoara


Having as a vantage point our motto “MORE THAN JUST TENNIS- EDUCATION THROUGH SPORTS ”, we contribute, through our activities programme, to the formation of young tennis players, as well as to their education through sports.

The objectives of our club are:

  • promoting physical training and tennis practicing at all ages
  • organising a system of imitation in tennis which should offer the chance of a large number of children to gain insight into the basic elements of the game, and for those more gifted and hard-working a way through to the performance groups
  • coaching and preparing the sports-persons for the participation in the contests organised by RTF and ITF
  • educating the young generation through sports , gaining abilities to train physically on a regular basis (whether its tennis, ski, or hiking) and to adopt a balance life style.
  • drawing awareness upon the educational value of physical training as taught in an organised environment, either through competitions or sporting events, courses, presentations
  • promoting human values through sport, thus, ensuring the expansion of knowledge and abilities in youngsters, allowing them to develop their physical capacity, effort endurance, as well as team spirit, fair play and combativeness.
  • recreational activities for the members of the club and their families
  • organisation of mountainous preparation stages (general physical preparation training sessions, mountain hiking, rafting, Nordic walking)
  • organisation of ski camps ( which include general physical training and ski lessons)