CS Sport 4 Fun Timisoara

Who Are We

The Sports Club Sport 4 Fun Timisoara was founded in 2009 with the aim of promoting physical exercising, tennis playing and skiing among children and youth, in an organised environment and under the coaching of competent and responsible trainers, authentic pedagogy experts with multidisciplinary background.

The club is affiliated to the Romanian Federation of Tennis. Currently, the educational system in Romania does not provide a sufficient number of gym and sport classes. This fact affects the general health status of our country. Unfortunately, it has to be admitted that the young generation is not educated in the sense of an active life style with more and more youngsters leading sedentary lives, being obese with physical development deficiencies and mediocre mobility.

The activities suggested by us aim at surpassing this undesired situation.


Involving as many children and youngsters as possible in the game of tennis from an early age leads to the development of an ability to play the game throughout a life span, ensuring physical and psychic health and a balance life style.

It is our firm conviction that having a numerous and well trained basis of tennis players, we can hope to identify and validate endowed young people with a propensity for performance in sports and professional sports.

Our club comprises a young team of lecturer-coaches with national and international acknowledged qualifications,  combining the love for their job with a desire of continuous perfecting.

Hence, our activities are coordinated as follows:

  • Tennis: Mihai Gavra, Petru Mergheș,  Ionuț Silinc
  • Ski: Petru Merghes,  Ionuț Silinc
  • Fitness Coach, Kinetotherapist: Petru Mergheș, Ionuț Silinc
  • Doctor: Dan Gaita
  • Psychologist: Mihaela Pascu