CS Sport 4 Fun Timisoara

Petru Mergheş

Tennis coach
Ski instructor
Fitness coach
Coordinator of summer-winter training camps

Date and place of birth:

  • 21st of January 1974, Simleul Silvaniei


  • 1992-1996 Faculty of Physical Training and Sports, West University of Timisoara, specialisation- volleyball and tennis
  • 1997-2001 Faculty of Kinetotherapy, West University of Timisoara, specialisation – kinetotherapy
  • 2005-2007 Masters Degree, Sports Management and Managership, Faculty of Physical Training and Sports, Vasile Goldiş West University of Arad
  • 1999-2004 PhD, Management and Marketing in Agrotourism, bearing the title “A Study Regarding the Agro-touristic potential of Banat Region.”
  • acknowledged CNFPA and AMPSR ski monitor since 2012, respectively 2010
  • tennis and cardio-tennis coach, acknowledged by PTR US since 2013


  • from 1996 to 2004 assistant lecturer at the Department of Physical Training and Sports, USAMVB Timişoara
  • from 2004 – 2008 associate Phd lecturer at Vasile Goldiş West University of Arad, Faculty of Human Medicine and the Faculty of Physical Training and Sports, courses taught (Kynethology, Physicacl Deficiencies, Kinetotherapeutic Methods and Techniques of force and edurance increase, Sports Organisations Management, Volleyball in Schools)
  • 2004 – up to now, PhD Lecturer at the Department of Physical Education and Sports, USAMVB Timişoara
  • 1985 -2001 professional sportsman, member of the volleyball team of the West University of Timişoara, A Division, national university volleyball champion, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000

Scientific research activity:

  • issued 5 books (“The First Stage- Practical principles of physical training in cardiovascular diseases”,D. Gaiţă, P. Merghes; “The Agro-touristic Potential of Banat Region”P.Mergheş; “Medical Gymnastics for Preventing and Correcting Physical Deficiences”, A.Ţeghiu, P. Mergheş; “The Technique and Tactics of Volleyball” (S.Gradinaru, P. Merghes) and over 30 research papers and participations in national and international symposia
  • Project Manager, HU-RO CBC “Education-Sport-Health in universities” between 2010-2011 a partnership between USAMVBT and the University of Szeged with a value of 127 000 euros
  • Member in the project team HU-RO CBC “The Management of Obesity and Cardio-metabolic Risk among Students of the University Centres of Timisoara and Szeged” with a value of 180 000 euros
  • I have taught courses at the University Onsekiz Mart Canakkale between 15-22 April 2013 as part of the ERASMUS (LLP) programme, Teaching Staff Exchange

Experiece in tennis:

  • experience in coaching at beginner and advanced levels since 1996
  • tennis coach at Tennis Club Tivoli Timişoara, Tennis Club Ace Timişoara, Top Spin Tennis Club Timişoara, currently Sport 4 Fun Timişoara
  • personal tennis coach of Ana-Maria Nedelcu from 1998 to 2001, national vice-champion in 2002, currently living in Germany and participating at ITF and WTA tournaments
  • personal tennis couch of Dica Nini Gabriel between 2008 and 2011, national vice-champion in the individual game in 2013, national doubles champion in 2013, number 5 at the European Championship for teams, Turkey 2013
  • tennis coach of many players ranked in the top 20 national players at the age category 10-12 since 1996 to the present moment
  • fitness coach of the following players : Velcea Andreea, Dica Nini, Zeriu Patricia,Ciuca Alessia,Ghinga Bogdan, Petcu Vlad, Edina Gallovits, Ana Maria Nedelcu, Larisa Sporea, Sergiu Rogoveanu


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